Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mahi the Cricketing Don!

He may not score 100 hundreds, may not score more than 10000 test runs,may not be amongst wickets, may not be the finest glove man behind the stumps ..But Mahi Man has undoubtedly surpassed many of the legendary cricketers that this nation has produced to rank as the greatest cricketer ever from the Sub Continent for years to come.

There is an aversion that I have in measuring cricketing prowess thru stat books. Which is why in my opinion that VVS Laxman will be the greatest innings played by a cricketer ! Records pile up data , not cricketing character. Add to that the leadership prowess that is so very rare in modern day cricket is a man produced from the little know Jharkand Town blending with aplomb in world stage and winning BIG.

On that count alone Mahender Singh Dhoni has transcended many impressive legends this subcontinents have produced. His deeds of a leader, skipper par excellence towers above the other giants like Imran,Sourav,Arjuna & Kapil.

In many ways he is the single most important force to lead with panache a bunch of present legends like Sachin,Dravid,Saurav,Kumble,Bajji,Viru etc with such authority and against all opponents , all venues , all formats of the game that it has swung the pendulum of Indian Cricket far too long for it not to dominate world cricketing stage.

Many of the achievements that lay in store will only corroborate and celebrate the genial Mahi as he prepared to be the second Indian after Kaps Devils to hold aloft a 50 over World Cup.

Winning a test series again Down Under , quelling the proteas in their backyard and overcoming pakistanis in pakistan will seal Dhonis greatness forever in the annals of Crickets World History.

Most pundits today will I am sure already be ready to confer a venerated status to the Jharkhand Hero.

This he is been successful isn't such an inspiration but the way he has went about the process with an unassuming,calm, non controversial yet assertive methods are a few attributes those stand out.

Rarely has one seen him buckle under pressure ( aside that infamous presser where he made the entire team attend the media tamasha ), even at crunch situations his clear thinking has lead us conquer opponents much unlike the yesteryears where Indians were famous for snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory.

Mahi symbolizes a new INDIA like no other and it helps that he leads an Indian Cricket Team to up the visibility ante ..

Play On Chennai Super King ! The World is your Stage !

Here is a visual of a leadership talent symbolizing that INDIA that is emerging in the World Stage ..njoy !