Saturday, June 6, 2009

Row-Hit-Drama & Go Town Game Beer, Oz and Ojha - Charge aur Aanedhe!

Row-Hit-Drama : Mahi the unflappable is human anyway..He cracked under the mindless india media pressure to find smelly holes in the bonhomie display of Indian Blue Colored Team ! Why would your believe that Dhoni will be crossing swords with India's biggest match winner ever since Kapil Dev. As for Sehwag , knowing him , his worry will be more on recovering his lost hairline than any thing else. Sehwag for starters is several summers senior to Mahi and most other in the gang baring Bajji and Yuvi!

He deserves the attention he deserves and his injury if a cause of worry. And that about it. Making a mountain out of a mole hill over a shoulder repair is unnecessary pressure on the man already handling the toughest mandate only second to Manmohans job at hand. Like politics ,cricket also draws a torrent of opinions and wise cracks from a myriad segments of the global Indian society.

For Mahi and Gang ..You dont need to parade the entire team at the presser even if you wanted to give "Mike Practice" to the youngsters. "Kuch Tho Log , Kahange ; Logon Ka Kaam Hai Kehna" "Azhar , Dravid , Saurav Bhi Yehan Badnaan Hue the"

As for the news man "Tu Kaun Hai , Tera Naam Hai Kya " ..The news makers are on the field and thats the way it should be. The delivery of news should happen from the news room and not the dressing room like it did in the curious case of "fakeiplblog".

Now Rohit Sharma- Make Hay when sun shines.

Ishant Sharma - This Kolkata Knight Rider is hot and furious ..Korbo, Lorbo , JeethBo !

Ojha - Deccan Charger ..Houle Houle se AAanedhe ..give the ball a tweak and some air and you will find those batsmen beated fair and square.

Gautam Ghambir - I gotown to get some game beer ..when are you shifting to the next gear ..?

R P Singh - Put your hands up in the air..your chance will come by ..the purple cap will turn into a golden one if there is an encore of your act at IPL 2 again at T20 II.

Gayle - I am i watching Golf or Cricket ..The more i see you play that more i feel i am at the golf greens watching Tiger Woods Tee off a big Six ! Another KKR Tiger .We love the smashing you delivered to the Aussies! Now they may go Down Under in search of Gilly Belly !

The admirable salience from the chairman of selectors and rest of the BCCI is commendable. No need to add fuel the Row-Hit-Drama Fire...and Gavaskar..will you get back to commenting the event on the field and shut up. Please will you.

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