Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dont bother brother !

Its coming thick and fast and Indians fans are having a ball. Yet another famous win under a certian yet calm leader inspiring his wards to come up with inspired performance.

Y & I powered India from a spot after the large hearted tweakers from the emerald isles gave the ball a bit more air and a rip to put the men in blue in a spot of bother.Bother yes , until the brothers did a Sanat act in his own back yard.

My heart goes out to the Pathans as they had challenges unlike no other cricket professional from India. The Pathans finding a place in the 11 amongst millions of aspirants from India and that too from a state such as Gujrat where the Muslim minority have a secondary domestic standing , in it self is a tall achievement. And "Boy" when the siblings turn on the powerplay with bat and ball the way they did, it inspired a whole community and a country , a belief instilled that this contry does throw up opportunities for every in this land to play as INDIANS.

Today Team India prides on turning famous wins in Indias favour on the broad sholders of Y & I Pathans and a certian Zaks who is probably the best left arm swing sultan in world cricket today.

As we head towards a brief sojurn to the land of the black caps before going to london to defend the T20 championship it is indeed heartning to see the depth of our skills in this form of the game. There is enough scope for improvement in every department and fielding is the areas with a maximum scope.

For every blinder like the Ishant snatched with a leap there was a sitter which went abegging from Irfans aussi styled catching.

Entertain they did and HOW .To me personally the onslaught of Sanat was a glorious moment to be lapped by every cricket enthusiast. The six over cover with murderous power off a nippy Ishant is worth several miles that i would travel to see. What came next was a stunner on the onside as the pivoting feet swiweled to send the ball soaring into the dancing onside stand. Man this guy Jayasuriya is THE PERFORMER. Hats off.

Even as Y & I , just imagine the other gadiators .Deeds of Bandara, Yuvi , Raina and Dilshan. It take a lions heart to bowl those leggies to mosterous hitters. Its like throwing a million dollar gamble.Gamble it was , with three prime scalps Bandara could well have been the hero had Dilshan given another over to Sanat.

India won , but think about it. The Lankans played a young team resting stalwarts. By running the Indians close they did win more than a few hearts. From my bean bag i was cheering to the Mumbai Indian as well as the men in Blue. Imagine. Oye its T20.

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