Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tall , Dark and Awesome !

The Deccan Chargers realised this last IPL season. The Royals from Rajastan triumphed by the sledge hammer weilding gladiator. Pathan is a Pathan does !

I grew up as a kid following a cricket demi god called Sir Issac Vivian Alexander Richards. The gum chewing morarch of all he surveyed. Dispatching the cherry with disdain. I still recall the comment of Clive Lloyd those days "It wouldnt surprise me if he hits a yorker for a six" . Such was the legend of Sir Viv. It is almost two decades since we have seen such swagger on the cricketing turf.

There was a Ricardo Powell from the Windies but he flatter to deceive.

Clean shaven , Yes . Taller , Jaw bones chewing Gums ..Yes . Awesome ..Oh YES ...Yusuf Pathan has emerged to the joy of millions of Indian fans with his Brand of Arrogant Cricket with the swagger reminecent to that of Sir Vivian Richards.

Entertainers from yore Gilcrist , Santh , Sehwag, Chris Crains , Freddie , Gayle et al. But none lent the swagger like the punch Yusufs powerplays carries on the cricket field.

Nonchalant , yet mind numbing stroke play that Yusuf unleashes on the hapless bowlers is a sight to behold in the T20 arena for now. Yusuf has a long way to go to match Vivs imperious cover drives and big test hundreds. Sir Viv is quite the czar and young Yusuf is cub with similar bearings. A promise and prospect as a talent quite exciting.

How i wonder about the sporting treatise that we will be preveliged to see if the senior Pathan graduated to the longer version ( I meant 50 overs cricket ) and the 5 day pilgrimage which still enthralls purist till date.

Yusuf is a precious talent to be nurtured. The game need larger than life gladiators , if at all the game needed further fillip ..more the merrier aint it ?

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